Control Point Technology's main office

Control Point Technology Main Office

Control Point is a Pennsylvania-based company founded in 2007 with the vision to utilize the most current AV trends, technology and concepts to design totally functional audio visual and communication systems for businesses ranging from casinos and pari-mutuel venues to hotel and entertainment complexes.

Cognizant of the complexities of today’s modern business environment, Control Point specializes in the comprehensive approach of creating AV systems that enable their customers the security of dealing with just one company. The process begins with understanding the customer’s needs and desires, and then presenting system options that address the complete package of design, installation, support and effective service.

What makes Control Point unique in today’s business environment is their focus on creating AV systems that are as easy to operate as they are detailed and encompassing in what they can provide utilizing the latest technology. A combination of our automation control software incorporated with the latest technology enables business partners that may not have manpower resources the unique ability to operate and utilize systems built to their specifications.

In contrast to many other AV control systems, Control Point’s complete software solution features the convenience of unattended automation. Trained operators, even those without programming skills, are able to implement scheduling, create control buttons and pages to simultaneously control TCP, infra-red and serial control, and complete signal distribution to systems requiring hundreds of televisions. The flexibility of a Control Point-designed operational system enables total flexibility for dissemination of any kind of video and audio to all components of the system, a vital factor when integrating into the requirements and advanced technology of casino slot systems and pari-mutuel operations.

Automation and scheduling of system control will enable the seamless move of hundreds of video signals to displays throughout properties. The integration of state-of-the-art equipment, and specifically designed software operating programs, creates a seamless and efficient infrastructure.

Control Point has an exemplary record in providing post-installation support and service. Their AV systems are built around the most advanced and effective technological hardware available today. Exceptional customer service is the foundation for building lasting business relationships, and a quality that has forged Control Point to the forefront of the AV Control System industry in North America.