Creative Services

Control Point’s content creation and management services offer a variety of solutions tailored to your project’s vision, application and goal. Cutting edge video content keeps guests and employees engaged while promoting a buzz-worthy atmosphere and makes each visit unique and memorable.

Maximize the potential of your existing Audio Video infrastructure by utilizing automated scheduling and professional content custom-tailored for any size of display or installation.

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Control Point Creative

Animation and Design

We specialize in creating high-quality content for digital signage systems as well as large and uniquely shaped LED boards, video walls and projection surfaces. Showcase the true power and potential of any Audio Video installation with custom designed content created by Control Point creative.

A common challenge presented to owners of digital display systems is finding an economical solution in maintaining effective and relevant digital signage content. Contact us to start planning a unique solution for you.

Content Management

Content managed by Control-Point is updated at regular intervals with an approval process that ensures content fits branding guidelines and marketing strategies. Being a team of Audio Video integrators, designers and creators allows us to successfully develop fully integrated content playback strategies incorporating scheduling, custom playback triggering and video signal distribution so your message is seen at the right place, at the right time.

Animated logos

Directional Signage

Holiday and Special Events

Informational messaging

Interactive Kiosk content

Line Queue messaging

Marketing and Promotional signage

Themed eye-catching motion graphics