Film and Celebrity Content

Fresh content maintains guest engagement

Entertain and inform  guests with the latest movie and celebrity event footage such as upcoming movie trailers and behind the scenes sneak peaks as well as footage that is unlikely to be seen elsewhere like motion picture B-Roll, celebrity outtakes, awards show commentary and more. Show buzz-worthy promotional content for upcoming films and create a perfect opportunity for the biggest stars and celebrities to be seen at your venue on your existing media infrastructure.

Increased word-of-mouth marketing

The most up-to-date content keeps your venue’s guests informed and entertained while increasing positive word-of-mouth marketing. Guests will be sure to share with everyone where and when they experienced the excitement of learning about upcoming blockbusters.

Worry-Free Remote Content Management

Content managed by Control-Point is updated at regular intervals with an approval process that ensures the content is inline with the ideals and theming of the venue. Content branding provides guests a direct correlation of your venue and the excitement and familiarity of celebrities and upcoming events that stay with them long after they exit your doors.