Learning IR commands using an ENet

Instructions for learning IR commands using an ENet network IR device:

  1. Make a direct network connection to the ENet from a PC.
    1. If you know the IP address of the ENet
      1. enter it in a web browser to navigate to the web interface of your ENet. Confirm that the network settings of your PC are compatible with the ENet network settings. (ie. IP, Subnet, Gateway)
    2. If you do not know the IP address of the ENet you can:
      1. reset it to default
        1. hold reset button on device, default address will be login un: Control pw: Point
      2. OR find the IP address using the “CP Java Utility”
        1. Extract the attached .zip file. Contained is a folder named “CP Java Utility”, run “ControlPoint.jar” in that folder.
        2. Go to File, Show Options, Under “IP Address, subnet and port” click “Find modules”.
        3. Click refresh, you will see the ENet IP address as discovered by your PC. If there is one ENet directly connected to your PC and no other ENets are discovered, you have found the IP address of the ENet you will be using to Learn IR commands.
  2. Configure the ENet as a “Receiver” and set it to attempt to locate PC.
    1. Enter the IP address of the ENet in a web browser to navigate to the web interface of your ENet.
    2. Navigate to Options, Click the “Built in IR Receiver” Radio button, then under “Choose function of module” check the radio button, “Module is a Receiver”, Under “Select your Preferences” click the checkbox for “Find and send to PC”
    3. Press “Save” at the bottom of the page.
    4. Navigate to the “Configuration” page of the Web interface and change “Target IP Address” and “Computer IP Address” to the IP address of the PC where you are learning the codes.
    5. Press “Save & reboot”
  3. Learning the Codes
    1. Run “ControlPoint.jar”
    2. Go to “File” then “Show Options”, under the “IP Address, subnet and port” heading, in the “IP Addresses” dropdown, select the IP Address of your Receiver ENet.
    3. Go to the IR utility main window and press “Learn”
    4. Aim your IR remote at the Receiver ENet and press the button you wish to learn.
    5. You will see the command appear in the “InfraRed Code Window”
    6. You can immediately test this code by connecting the 1/8in jack of the IR emitter to the Receiver ENet, and the IR Emitter to the IR receiver of the device (TV, etc.) then pressing “Test Code” in the IR utility.
      1. *note: You may need to add “4000 1” to the end of the command file. Also, clicking tidy this code may also resolve issues with the Receiving device translating the code.
    7. In the Utility under “Save / Load IR codes” enter a name for the file (prepend with device name for file management purposes) ie. Sharp_CH2

Once the codes have been learned, they can be added to your Control Point project as shown here under CP2.0 Tutorial – Modifying Command Galleries /  Commands: Add New Device Commands