Line Queue Digital Display Solution

Control Point’s line queue digital display solution features CP2 — a highly configurable and intuitive touchscreen control interface, wide aspect ratio HD monitors and robust network managed solid state media players.

The system has been designed for 24/7 reliable operation and ease of use. Users have the ability to instantly change messaging on any number of digital display signs managed via a single user interface.  CP2’s software automation gives the system user programmable preset video arrangements that can be scheduled to change at specified times of day or recurrence patterns.

Casinos and Gaming facilities find the solution invaluable at cashier and cage locations; the solution can also be implemented anywhere line queuing is important. The highly visible ultra-wide HD displays can show static or animated content, directing the attention of guests to the proper window resulting in more efficient flow of traffic and reduced line confusion.

Optionally, systems can integrate marketing, entertainment or news messaging without interrupting line queue messaging; keeping your guests informed and entertained while making the perceived wait time shorter.

Control Point's Line Queue Digital Signage system installed.

Control Point’s Line Queue Digital Signage system installed.

Content updates are made over a wired LAN eliminating the need for printing or physical sign making. Content management and media player flexibility allow for a variety of content playback arrangements, from synchronized content across multiple displays to individual display playback. The commercial grade hardware coupled with branded animated content creates a guest experience that has a modern look and feel.

Control Point's line queue digital signage system

Control Point’s line queue digital signage system utilizes network connectivity and solid state media players for a robust ultra low maintenance solution.