WiFi Touchscreen Tablet

Wireless A/V System Control

CPT Tablet



Combine the versatility of Control Point’s new Master Automation Software (CP2.0) with the untethered flexibility of a wireless touchscreen tablet for a result that gives users the ability to control all AV system devices across wireless LANs at the tap of a finger. Featuring a user-friendly interface designed for one handed operation, users of all skill levels are able to take control of Audio Video operations quickly and effortlessly.

Adding a WiFi touchscreen tablet to any system offers many advantages over a purely server based system. This method of interaction allows simultaneous control and monitoring of all AV system operations. Having the option of being physically present at any AV installation or audio zone makes this combination perfect for performing system checks and troubleshooting. Implementation of multiple wireless tablets allow for flexible distribution of AV control to any number of locations or users throughout a facility. The CP2.0 project on each device is custom built based on client needs, allowing varying levels of control; from complete system access, to allowing control of limited devices. CP2.0 application settings such as “Kiosk” mode make exiting the application on a tablet or PC an admin privilege by requiring a keystroke and password to exit the full screen instance of the application. By blocking access to device, application or network settings the need to troubleshoot user error is eliminated and the device can be used for AV control only.

The lines of communication are secure and open between all PCs and tablets running the same CP2.0 project file. With an automated device status sync for all instances of CP2.0, users see a visual representation of changes made from any client keeping all A/V system information updated and accurate. Instantaneously, multiple users can control elements of the same system and know device status such as power, source and more whether it be a TV, an audio zone, a projector, or any other A/V network device. Control Point uses tablets that are lightweight with a high resolution that also have the processing power to run a fully functional CP2.0 project reliably 24 hours a day.

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